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What’s this? A brand new weekly feature?

Welcome, friends and fiends. It was either Eli Whitney or Patrick Duffy who said “Every wednesday is Christmas, if you can read. Because Wednesday is Comic book day.” And it is as true today, as it was when it was written. And what’s in the stash today? Abe Sapien, Silver surfer 50th anniversary issue, and Harrow County. Holy shit, boils and ghouls, if you aren’t reading Harrow County, hop on the trolly to the pharmacy and snatch up all the copies you can find from the magazine rack. The second volume of the trade paperback collections came out today, you lucky little urchins you, so you can read the whole series for 20 bucks or so. Or get it right here and now you filthy little animals: http://www.amazon.com/Harrow-County-1-Countless-Haints/dp/161655780X/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1460610360&sr=1-2&keywords=harrow+county

That said, the individual issues feature “Tales from Harrow County” back up stories and an amazing letters page (which reads more like Weird New Jersey) that are not reprinted in the collections. Harrow County has been my most eagerly awaited book every month since it began. It’s southern Gothic horror, in the grand tradition of spooky trees, hateful witches, and hometown weirdness. The book’s backwoods creepiness comes from the small, upsetting  details, like the nightmares you can’t shake, and how eerily personal it feels. It goes without saying, Writer Cullen Bunn and Artist Tyler Crook are visibly having a blast making this thing, and that value gets passed on to you, the customer. More on Harrow County later, I’m sure.

Lastly is the Batman Adventures vol. 4, which for me, is a 25 dollar time machine to childhood. And it has the best issue of the whole series…

20160413_171233The 1995 Summer Annual #2.

Written by Paul Dini, Drawn by Bruce Timm (both patron saints of  the Animated series), and inked no less, by Mike Royer, who in the 70’s was inker to Jack Kirby himself on his DC titles, including The Demon. And I sort of buried the lead there, because the important thing about this issue, is that it introduced young Grim Doin’s to the grisly saga of Jason Blood.

20160413_171324I’m a young, impressionable ghoul, it’s summer, this month’s issue of Batman is twice as big as usual, and already we got Mayan Pyramids, treasure-hunting pirates, Colonial garb Ra’s Al Ghul, and Native Americans? This melted my BRAIN. And that was before I saw this:

20160413_17134920160413_171407Who the Hell is this guy? How is Batman not the coolest character in this comic?

20160413_171528 The above image is the cover of The Demon #2, By Jack Kirby. You can see Bruce Timm did a fantastic job incorperating Jack’s unique style to this homage issue.


And that’s it for this week, dear fiends. Go buy some Comics.

-Grim Doin’s


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