The Rational Fear of Moonlight

It’s Midnight on the Internet.

You just got off your late shift. You’re standing around the bus stop, peering through the dense fog for the telltale headlamps of your bus. You’re thinking you have time to read a little before bed. You’re thinking about how much you’ll get done on your day off tomorrow. You’re thinking you hope the prostitutes down the street will survive the night because what a horrifying gamble that must be, that the next stranger to pick them up will only degrade them, and not eat their skin off. You’re probably thinking about Galaga.

But I know what you’re not thinking about.


That’s right. Lycanthropes. No one takes them seriously any more. No one but myself, and my friend Chief Burning Cloud of the proud Lenape. And the wary few around the world who remember to lock their doors and paint the elder sign on their door frames in lambs blood at the culmination of each lunar phase. Go ahead and laugh if you like. But the next full moon is in two days. Better read up.

Beware, children.

-Grim Doin’s


15th Century woodcut of Gustav Morlunn and his former wife.   From the files of Chief Bill Burning Cloud.werewolf3

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