The Weekly Haul

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Mr. Jackson has been a fuzzy little thief and stolen my comics this week. It took me two days to find him, and look at that face, he knows what he did! Anyway, here’s what’s in the stash this week.

Abe Sapien, Harrow County, Swamp Thing (which is great), Black Panther, and the final issue of the new 52 run on Batman. Black Panther is a favorite both of mine and Kittycat Jackson’s. This is the second issue of the new series by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Brian Stelfreeze. I like this comic for three reasons:

I love Black Panther, a classic Jack Kirby Character,black-panther-jack-kirby-scans015

I love Brian Stelfreeze, an underrated artist who did a lot of Batman in the 90’s, and something like 1oo consecutive covers for Shadow of the Bat, wedc_4-14-copy

and I love Brian Stelfreeze drawing Kirby Tech in this book. yem5zztd2xzwr5jkrhlw

Go buy it. T’challa is a fantastic character who does not get enough attention. He pops up first in Fantastic Four #52, and I cannot recommend the Jack Kirby solo Black Panther book enough, it is wonderfully insane globe-trotting, treasure-hunting, cosmic, four-color bonkers fun. Also the early 2000’s run by Reggie Hudlin, a fantastic exploration of the character, first volume drawn by John Romita Jr. Or, for your budget, just go pick up the first two issues of this current series. Also I think he’s in some movie right now.tumblr_nycvgsslbk1rtup1qo2_500

That’s it for today, my filthy garbage friends, I gotta go dig around the old Mic Mac burial ground for some stuff I left there the other night.

-Grim Doin’s


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