The Weekly Haul

20160601_195601Dusk draws it’s inky cloak over the swamp, the thick acrid air begins to cool ever so slightly, and we begin to light the lamps here at Grim Manor, it’s that time again. As you can tell, Mr. Jackson is impatient to go through the weekly haul. And here’s what’s in the stash today…


Batman: Rebirth, they got me last week with the DC rebirth one shot, let’s see if it goes anywhere. Two of Kittycat Jackson’s favorites, Scooby Doo (I love it too even if my own plans have been foiled in the past by those meddling kids), and Beasts of Burden, Darkhorse’s paranormal mystery-solving dog and cat team. Baltimore, which is always fantastic, and the final issue of Hellboy in Hell. On top of the weekly comics I found a half price copy of The Invincible Iron Man Masterworks vol. II, with the first appearances of Hawkeye and Black Widow, which I’ve never actually read before. And lastly, my lovely sweetheart, the Widow Sunday, surprised me yesterday with The 6 Voyages of Lone Sloane.

Pictured here with the envious cat, Mr. Jackson.

Lone Sloane is entirely new to me, I have never heard of this comic. It is written, drawn, and painted by Philippe Druillet, of Métal Hurlant and Les Humanoïdes fame. I knew him in name only, because of his creative association with Moebius, another bananas french comics artist. But this is big screen 3D large format beautiful bonkers psychedelic sci-fi nonsense at it’s absolute best. the colors and compositions are dizzying, look at this shit: (and click to see them full-size!)

I love it already. That Widow Sunday knows how to make my day. Any way that’s it for this week, my dingy darlings. Happy Snails to you.

-Grim Doin’s


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