The Weekly Haul



Once more the inscrutable Mr. Kittycat Jackson has absconded with my weekly comics haul. Two days I searched for him among the islands of the foggy bay and the long shadowed corridors of our swamp mansion home before I found him as he is in the above photo, holed up in the electrical shed with my comic books and four empty handles of cat-grade bourbon. Mr. Jackson is a mean drunk, but I gave him a straw to play with and he allowed me to sit and read with him in the shed. Anywho, here’s what’s in the stash today…

As pictured above, we have Abe Sapien, and my favorite, Harrow County. Speaking of favorites, as a quick follow up, did you little gremlins read Hellboy In Hell #10 yet? It was beautiful! moved my black heart to tears, it did. A beautiful and poetic fitting end to Big Red’s saga. Also, that Lone Sloan comic the Widow Sunday bought me? Incredible!  I’ve been reading that one in increments, savoring it, listening to fittingly psychedelic Sci- Fi and Satanic Tinged music like this:

and this:

It is a gorgeous psychedelic panoply of incredible science fiction artwork. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please refer to last week’s installment of the weekly haul. And yet, I almost feel as if we’ve gotten off topic.


Ah yes, I was gone for five minutes typing, and already I find this pickled feline sneaking up to steal the rest of my reading pile! The Flash Rebirth #1, spinning out of the DC Universe Rebirth special, this is a fun one. Also the Rebirth-era premier of Detective Comics, which despite it’s middling art, is so far the new DC title I’m likely to follow up on. It’s got two things going for it so far, snowy Gotham, always a good visual, and BatWoman, an incredible DC character too often relegated to the small box of “the lesbian one”. If you haven’t read the initial run of Batwoman stories by Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams III in Detective from several years ago, or J.H.Williams’ Batwoman solo title from the new 52 Era, you are missing out not only some of the most gorgeous and inventive artwork you’re likely to get for three bucks an issue, but some incredible pulpy monster-filled comics with an awesome layered, nuanced character who stands well on her own apart from Batman, and that’s about the only time I’ve said that. lastly, and certainly not the least, We’ve got Poe Dameron, which has been a whole lot of fun so far. And with that, I’m gonna wrap up this week’s feature. I’ve been working a whole week of graveyard shifts and I want to actually read the rest of these things before Mr. Jackson disappears with them again.


-Grim Doin’s


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