The Weekly Haul


Mr. Jackson is being a real dick about the weekly haul today, that’s him rolling his eyes at me up there. Anyway I don’t have a lot of time, it’s gonna be a quick one this week, sorry boils and ghouls. But here’s what’s in the stash today:


Star Wars (A Ben Kenobi story, had to come back for that), Han Solo #1, Weird Detective #1 (that word combo is right up my creepy alley), Swamp Thing, The Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade (John Romita Jr., sue me, I love that guy), and covered up by Mr. Jackson in the bottom right corner there, is Black Widow. I gotta get the hell outta here, I think that thing just broke the chain on the cellar door, gottarunbye-

-Grim Doin’s


3 thoughts on “The Weekly Haul

  1. what’s the deal with that DKR book? is it a spinoff of the main series which just wrapped? let me know how you like them star war books, I had too big a stack built up to afford ’em but may get them in the coming weeks


    1. DKR was pretty good, spinoff/ prequel, but it was definitely solid. and I’m gonna be honest, I haven’t read the star wars ones yet, I’ve had a pretty busy week.


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