The Weekly Haul


It’s a beautiful hot muggy day in the swamp, and as you can tell from the above photo, its time for the weekly haul. We got a lot this week, and Mr. Jackson is eager to get to it, so let’s see what’s in the stash today…


Kittycat Jackson is yawning with impatience. Today we have Scooby Doo: Apocalypse, Star Wars: the Force Awakens Adaptation, The Flash #1, Detective, the Wonder Woman Rebirth special, and Wonder Woman #1.  I didn’t think I was going to come back for Scooby #2, but what can I say, the first issue was great. Could say the same for Detective and Flash. And Wonder Woman looks a lot like my darling the Widow Sunday, and carries a sword, so, I don’t have to defend that choice. The artwork is amazing and Greg Rucka writes an awesome Amazon. Now onto some of the more ecclectic finds this week.

I took a trip this past week to my old haunts and stumbled on these rare gems. You can click on the images above to enlarge them if you like. The greedy Mr. Jackson has been hoarding them for himself, as you can see, but that is Elektra: Assassin #1, by Frank Miller and Bill Sienkiewicz, an amazing dollar bin find for my sinister sister. Thor #255, featuring the indispensable stone men from Saturn. This is the beginning of the underrated Quest for Odin Storyline, written by Len Wein and drawn by the two greatest Savage Sword of Conan Artists to ever live, John Buscema and Tony DeZugina, along with later contributions by some nobody named Walter Simonson, who apparently did some work in Thor, I guess. This issue in particular is drawn by Tony DeZugina, who manages to blend his fantastic airy, sketchy beautiful style (with which he lent an amazing, painterly, prog Rock album cover-y quality to the Savage Sword books) with a more “Marvel” style with Kirby shapes. And of course the main reason I bought the book is that it is one of my favorite covers, done naturally by Jack Kirby, who created Thor, and the Stone Men from Saturn. The colors are perfect, and there is a Viking longship in space, there is nothing not to love here. The third in this trio of treasures is Flash Gordon #2 (1966), with cover art and interiors by Gil Kane. This speaks for itself, look at it, it’s incredible. And I’m going to enjoy it before gifting it to my literal partner in crime and goon companion, Pat tricky Dixon, he of the And he is finding out here on the blog, how about that, Rick? I’m speaking to you in my future from my present, which will be your past, when you read this in your, Jesus, never mind, I need a drink. Next paragraph scare-o-graph.

Lastly, I was delighted to find something I did not know existed, and I found it nine times. Mike Mignola’s INCREDIBLE HULK.


I found nine whole issues (for a dollar a piece) of a run on The Incredible Hulk from 1984-1985 with glorious covers by Mike Mignola himself. I have two framed prints of his famed skeletons on the walls of the swamp mansion right now. This is early Mignola, but it’s still unmistakable, especially with those skulls. He even does interiors on some of these. I’ve only read two so far, but they’re great. I’m in a bit of a green mood myself lately so this is a fortuitous find. Now if you’ll excuse me, The Widow Sunday and I have to run. Happy Snails, boo believers.


-Grim Doin’s





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