Bargain Bin Bounty: Conan the Barbarian Annual # 9

From the blog of my old fiend, Rat Dixon. We spent many an afternoon or rainy morning digging through crates for small cheap treasures like this. Sometimes even the second rate crap was worth it.

-Grim Doin’s

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One of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon is to dredge through musty longboxes in a quiet comic book store. I find amazing, forgotten stories that can be had for a few bucks, sometimes less (while these days your average new comic book is $3.99 and up)! One of the main reasons I staked out this little corner of the galaxy was to share some of the great swag I’ve pulled out of obscurity; so for the first edition of Bargain Bin Bounty we’ll have a butcher’s at this awesome Conan comic I got a few weeks ago:

Conan Annual Cover

What: Conan the Barbarian Annual #9, “Wrath of the Shambling God!” Marvel Comics (1984)

Who: Michael Fleisher (script), Ernie Chan (art), Rick Parker (letters), Christie Sheele (coloring), Larry Hama (editor)

How much: $2, just twice the cover price!

I found this while perusing a shop just down the street from…

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The Return of the Weekly Haul

20160727_205425That’s right, it’s been a long time but we’ve returned with a horrible vengeance! Did you think the grave could hold us? Poverty and the hail of crippling obsticles thrown at me in the last few weeks may have delayed us, but comics are a weekly itch that cannot go unscratched for long. Also Stranger Things, I strait up ditched you guys to watch that show, and I regret nothing. It’s a humid foggy night here in the swamp, but as you can see Mr. Jackson can’t wait another minute to get to the weekly haul. So what’s in the stash today?

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This kind of thing matters to me.

People are walking around like there’s not a new Godzilla movie coming out. More posts soon, I promise, I was away a long time, but For now, Watch some Godzilla.

And since it’s summer, a little Jo Bob and the Satellite of Love for Good Measure.

See you soon, folks. And Go Go, my friend.