The Return of the Weekly Haul

20160727_205425That’s right, it’s been a long time but we’ve returned with a horrible vengeance! Did you think the grave could hold us? Poverty and the hail of crippling obsticles thrown at me in the last few weeks may have delayed us, but comics are a weekly itch that cannot go unscratched for long. Also Stranger Things, I strait up ditched you guys to watch that show, and I regret nothing. It’s a humid foggy night here in the swamp, but as you can see Mr. Jackson can’t wait another minute to get to the weekly haul. So what’s in the stash today?


HORROR! ooh, just my favorite kind of comics. Harrow County (can’t wait to read that one, saving the best for last), Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, an excellent stand alone issue, with a bloody double feature of tragic short stories featuring, naturally, Rudyard Kipling and the Prince of Darkness himself. Weird Detective continues to be excellent, Black Hammer, a first issue of a very promising weird tale of Golden Age Superheroes cursed to live out long lives on some farm they can’t leave or something, I dunno, trust me, it was good. Baltimore, always a treasure. What you can’t see, as Mr. Jackson is lying on top of it, is Eric Powell’s Hillbilly #1, which will perhaps be what I read immediately after this article. And down in the corner there, my dear old friend Conan The Slayer #1. I. Love. Conan. Comics. NEXT!


Star Wars The Force Awakens #2, Poe Dameron, Black Widow (still probably my favorite Marvel comic out now, along with), Black Panther, Justice League #1 (I like Bryan Hitch’s art most of the time), Batman #2 &3 (With Tim Sale covers), and cut off at the top of the photo, as Mr. Jackson’s blanket of choice, is Batgirl #1. Big fan of Batgirl (so is co-contributor Max, sick as he is) and a big fan of artist Raphael Albuquerque . So I have a good amount of reading ahead of me tonight. And I still may read Firestarter or Hunt Mice with Mr. Jackson instead. who knows, I’m a dynamic Swamp Creep, and I do what I like. ‘Till next time, boils and ghouls.


-Grim Doin’s


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