Happy Birthday JACK KIRBY

20160828_213707-1Jack Kirby is the father of modern mythology with a list of creator credits second only to the big bang. Born in 1917 in New York’s lower east side,  he began working to support his family as a teenager, and did so mostly working in the relatively new field of Comic books, managing along the way to become the single most important artist in the form. He would have been 99 today. He pulled a disappearing act worthy of Mr. Miracle in 1994, and is several dimensions above us now, as always, lightyears ahead of us all.

“We couldn’t feed off the genius of Jack Kirby forever. The King is dead, and he has no successor. We will not see his like again. No single artist can replace him. No art form can be expected to be gifted with more than one talent as brilliant as his.”

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The Weekly Haul

20160824_230715It’s a hot, moonless night here in the swamp. The Cicadas are singing their night-song to the bats, alligators, and all other things that slither and creep their way through the dark. Here in the mansion, The Widow Sunday and I are sitting by the fireplace holding hands. Which used to belong to someone. And sprawled out on the Hearth, as you can see, is Mr. Kittycat Jackson, basking in this week’s comics haul. The feature is a little late this week because a certain fuzzy cat someone got into the booze Wednesday night and mutated into his feral Hell-beast form, had to chase him all around the God damn county before I could trick him into saying his name backwards… but I’m rambling. Look, don’t cheap out on shots if you’re buying pets carrying Gypsy curses, you’ll save money in the long run. Any way, my meddlesome minions, let’s see what’s in the stash today… Continue reading