The Weekly Haul

Kittycat Jackson is crazy with the heat this week. It’s a calm and balmy 106 degrees in the swamp today, so I’m gonna keep this short, here’s what’s in the stash today:

ALL-STAR BATMAN #1, Scott Snyder & John Romita Jr. This is an over-sized first issue with the unGodly cover price of $4.99, for which, I’m gonna wait until the trade to read the whole thing. But that said, it was a great read. Smokey and the Bandit/ Midnight Run kinda cross country chase story with a chainsaw wielding Batman and Two-face, with the entire country against them. It’s got a great color scheme too, lot of magenta and green.  Then we have Black Panther #5, Baltimore: Empty Graves, and a brand new Harrow County that I can’t wait for. I just read The Sixth Gun vol. 1, a decade or so late, I know, but it’s fantastic, so I’m on a Cullen Bunn (who wrote both Sixth Gun and Harrow County) kick now. For those of you also in the dark, The Sixth Gun is Satanism in the post-civil war south, with pagan Gods and magic guns. Like lord of the Rings by Sam Pekinpah. Epic Western Horror, with an awesome ass-kicking female lead, and art and color so rich it’ll give you type 2. You know what, just go buy it:  .

And that brings us to Ed Brubaker. I picked up Kill or be Killed #1. I don’t know anything about this book, but I trust Ed Brubaker. He writes damn good character, and damn good story. If you haven’t read Velvet yet, go get that. It’s an amazing spy story spanning the 50’s-70’s where basically Ms. Moneypenny is framed for the murder of basically James Bond, and turns out to have been a highly trained former field agent herself, rocking an Emma Peel jumpsuit and killing her way across the world trying to solve this mystery and clear her name. Ed Brubaker writes great character and great story. And that’s why the final item on the list today is BATMAN by ED BRUBAKER. That’s the honest to God name of this collection. It collects the first leg of Brubaker’s early 2000’s run on Batman, which I missed at the time and have been meaning to read for years now, and thanks to a thoughtful gift card from the Widow Sunday, I could pick up this week.

And that’s it for today, my friends. It’s un-acceptably hot, so I’m gonna go downstairs and kick around the crypt ’till nightfall, maybe read some of these comics with Mr. Jackson. Happy Hauntings, y’all.

-Grim Doin’s


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