The Weekly Haul of Two Worlds


Greetings, Boo believers, and Welcome to the Weekly Haul of two worlds. Late is the hour, I am aware. And I’d beg for some forgiveness, but beggin’s not my business. Thunder broke across the cosmic landscape and I journeyed far and wide on untold missions, from the blasted wastes of the far North to the Southern Bogs where dwells my brother Blackwolf. I crossed rivers and mountains and fire to bring you this double-sized edition of the Weekly Haul, so rejoice! Mr. Jackson has spread his fuzzy corpulence across the reading pile and invites you to see what’s in the stash today…

20160922_143523Last week, We picked up B.P.R.D., and Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. : Black Sun, believe it or not these are two different series. Both are amazing, and I haven’t read either of them yet. I haven’t read almost any of this yet, remember the part about traveling through blasted wastes and fire and shit? I’ve been busy. Next we have Weird Love, my gift to the lovely Widow Sunday, and The Simpsons TreeHouse of Horror, the annual over-sized Halloween issue which as a rule tends to be the only Simpsons issues worth reading.20160923_170827

Finding myself waiting out the rain at a grubby road-side newsstand en-route to a Louisiana  Witch burning last weekend, I grabbed the first two issues of the new Hellblazer series from DC to pass the time. The numbering of the DC Rebirth relaunch is very confusing, as each title starts with a one-shot labeled “#1” which precedes the actual first issue. Also Action and Detective reverted to their initial numbering pre- New 52 era, but I’m getting off-topic. Hellblazer served it’s purpose distracting me first from the mouth breathing hick behind the counter, and later the parade of amoral goons at the Widow Sunday’s Mortician’s convention. The art is by Moritat, an American with a fake french moniker. This was my first introduction to his art, but I liked it, it copped an obvious but welcome European feel. Also the two issues featured Swamp Thing, and Swamp Thing is my guy.


The real star of last week’s haul though, was Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting’s VELVET Vol. 3, The Man Who Stole The World. I cannot tell you how I’ve been clawing my God damned eyes out waiting for this and  Paper Girls Vol. 2, since I’ve only been following them in collected form. If you haven’t heard me say it a hundred times before, Velvet is a spy masterpiece, and along with Paper Girls and Harrow County, my favorite comic I’m reading now, not counting old favorites like B.P.R.D. I’ve been following for years.  It boast a David Bowie title, and if I’m not mistaken, wraps up the first and possibly last major story arc of the series. If you are not reading Velvet you can choose between the ten-dollar first volume or suicide, it is that good.


20160928_214616That brings us to this week, which is four items long. First we have Seven Soldiers of Victory Vol. 2. I just finished reading the first volume, which may be some of Grant Morrison’s finest work in my opinion. It contains such wonderfully comic booky ideas as Gloriana, Terror Queen of Summer’s End on the far side of the Vampire Sun, Pirates of the Subways, Subterranean Satanic corpsepaint-wearing Black Metal Pilgrims, and Millions, the richest dog in the world. As a friend of mine put it, “It’s one of those stories that could only be a comic”, and Volume 2 has Mr. Miracle and Frankenstein’s Monster. Then we have Witchfinder: City of the Dead #2, with a gas mask on the cover. I can’t wait for this, in fact I’ve been rereading the previous Witchfinder series, The Mysteries of Unlånd in anticipation. And then we have issues 2  and 3 of Conan the Slayer, by Cullen Bunn and Sergio Dávila. I thought I may drop it after the first issue, but the cover of #3 features a Witch and a Sea Monster, and that was all the incentive I needed to catch up on this title. Plus it’s Cullen Bunn writing Conan, the most underrated and forgotten comic book character in American History.

And that is all, for the last two weeks. If I had some self control, this would have been a much shorter feature, but I’m a monster, folks. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to bring this post to a close so I can read some of this stash before my deep and dreamless sleep. I will leave you with the full photo shoot of Mr. Jackson, my drunken wreck of a familiar cat.

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Good Night. Sleep Tight. Beware the Garglehinx.

-Grim Doin’s


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