The Weekly Haul

20161006_145554October is here, the most Hallowed month of the year. And October means great comics. Halloween issues, horror reprints, fall annuals, monsters, ghosts, witches, sexy witches, and monsters. And ghosts. This stuff is my bread and butter dread and shudder. As you can tell from the cover photo, monsters and the macabre are kind of a running theme in this week’s haul, and also, I’m not sure if Mr. Jackson or that Deadman cover are giving the more intense glare. Either way we have a lot to get into tonight, so let’s see what’s in the stash this week…


This week we have James Bond: Eidolon #10, Rise of the Black Flame #2, and Hillbilly #3. Hillbilly is Eric Powell’s new book and it’s fantastic so far, a sort of mash up of Conan and Kung-Fu, with a lot of Witch and Monster smashing, with his trademark masterful pendulum swings from brilliantly stupid humor, to heartbreaking moments of profound sincerity and sadness. And as you can tell from the title on that cover, The Flesh Eating Witch Child of Hoodoo Ridge, it has a lot of story to offer for your $3.99. I also couldn’t resist Big Trouble in Little China/ Escape from New York #1. Greg Pak, of Planet Hulk, has my vote already as the writer, and Daniel Bayliss’ art won me over from the cover, as if they didn’t already have my money from that title. You’re the Duke… A-#1. And front and center is CAGE! #1, written and drawn by Genndy Tartakovsky.

This is to my knowledge, Genndy Tartakovsky’s first foray into comics, but if that Greek-er-than-Plato name, or that thick outlined, stretchy, bombastic art style are familiar to you, you may know him as the creator of Dexter’s Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, and the incredible original Star Wars: The Clone Wars micro-series that preceded the unrelated CG show of the same name. So far CAGE! is the only book in the pile I’ve had a chance to read, and it’s fantastic. It is pure four color comic book fun, with incredible art, and it’s funny, in a way Marvel books rarely are. Take your money and pick up this book from your local stand or shop, wether you are familiar with Luke Cage or Genndy Tartakovsky or not, it is a rare gem of an incredibly satisfying superhero comic.

20161006_145620The Simpsons Illustrated Halloween issue, a nice bonus to their Treehouse of Horror Halloween Annual, has Homer as Cthulhu on the front cover, and that was all I needed for it to be added to my pile. Haunted Horror‘s October issue is an Eerie tribute special, so not only are they horror reprints, they are great horror reprints. Godzilla: Rage Across Time #2 features Godzilla fighting the pantheon of Greek Gods, and if I wouldn’t push an elderly person in front of traffic to see that, Mr. Kittycat Jackson surely would.

Lastly we have Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love book one. This was another seasonal Impulse grab, hitting every emotional button in my Autumnal heart. An over-sized story combining Neal Adams’ deceased detective, Boston Brand, and The Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love, a short-lived Horror Romance anthology series from DC in the 70’s. The front cover of Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love, painted by Stephanie Hans, sports a beautiful dark-haired woman in a night gown holding a candelabra against the chill night on the wind-swept front lawn of a spooky, moonlit gothic mansion, where an unseen silhouetted figure spies on our heroine. And in the sky, the enormous spectral figure of Deadman, all in a strictly black, white, and red color palate. It was already mine before I knew it existed. The cover evokes a very Hammer Horror movie feel, and it’s exactly what I want right now. Pretty women in wispy nightgowns with spooky houses, candelabras and ghosts. Throw in Deadman for a home run.


And that’s the Haul this week, more than I planned on getting, but a pleasant surprise none the less for great comics and Halloween goodness. Now if you’ll excuse me, Mr. Jackson and I have some reading to do. ‘Till next time, boils and ghouls.

-Grim Doin’s


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