The Weekly Haul (Holliday Edition pt.1)


It’s Christmas Eve already and we are overdue for a weekly haul. I’m cranking this one out as fast as I can from this bumpy flight from Greenland to a friend’s house at the North Pole for the oldest and greatest annual Christmas party in the world. But it’s Christmas Eve and I want to give you guys something, so let’s see what’s in the. Yuletide stash tonight, eh?

Poe Dameron, I couldn’t resist after seeing Rogue One. Deadman #2, because the first issue was great. I grabbed the two most recent issues of Old Man Logan because it features the Howling Commandos in a story about vampires, and what more could you ask for? And finally, from last week, The DC Comics Holiday Special. This is to my knowledge, the first one they have done in a few years, and as you will see in this week’s stash, I’m a sucker for Holiday specials.


From this week, we have the latest issue of Hillbilly, the Fiddle that Screamed for Blood, The Simpsons Winter Wingdings (Holliday annual) and Powerman &Iron Fist Sweet Christmas special #1. The last one was fantastic, guest starring Spider Woman, Son of Satan, Krampus, and Santa Claus, it was excellent. You may notice that I didn’t mention Batman: Noel, because that one isn’t new. But it is an annual tradition that I re-read it, and it’s my reading recommendation for you this Christmas Eve. It’s written and illustrated by Lee Bermejo, and almost my favorite version of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, second only to the Muppets. Batman is Scrooge, if that helps motivate you, and if you have a tablet you can download it from Amazon right now and read it before the arrival of the first Ghost at the strike of One. And while we are on the subject of Christmas reading recomendations,


Klaus, by Grant Morrison. A seven issue miniseries plus a double sized Holliday special that just came out about the early days of a certain gift-giving barbarian who’s name rhymes with “Manta Mlaus“.  Speaking of which, I have to wrap this up and wrap up a gift for my anonymous Arctic dwelling celebrity friend. I will leave you with one of my favorite Christmas Cartoons, and say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanza, and Happy Hollidays to you and yours.



And to all a good night.


-Grim Doin’s



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