Mourning a Warrior Woman

15731856_10154209326946344_7607173130417718145_o Princess, general, rebel, surviving monarch of a dead world. And yet, that represents a fraction of Carrie Fisher’s accomplishments. It’s a dark day for the rebellion, and an unfortunate end to an unpleasant year. I hate to overemphasize one role in the long and varied career of an incredible woman, an accomplished writer and producer on top of a body of acting work to shame anyone in the business, but it’s one that has made her immortal. Long after we all shuffle off this mortal form, and history grants Star Wars with the cultural weight of Shakespeare or Dickens, Carrie Fisher’s image will adorn history books as the face of rebellion. A warrior princess who’s likeness was cast into billions of plastic statuary, and every conceivable form of merchandise.  It’s hard for me to comprehend a world where she isn’t still out there somewhere, firing off perfect one-liner responses to any question, and spinning comedy gold out of thin air. She’s an inspiration to us all, and she will be missed.

“Somewhere, she’s snorting a cloud.”




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