Giant-Sized Weekly Haul #8


Good Evening, and welcome back to the Weekly Haul! This feature has been a little less than “weekly” of  late, I know, but it’s free. We got a whole lot of great stuff these last few weeks, and as you can see Kittycat Jackson is rolling with glee, so let’s cut the spooky intro and see what’s in the stash this week, shall we?


Batman #27 continues The War of Jokes and Riddles story arc, which has been great, despite a needlessly “tough” redesign on Riddler and an underwhelming title. The story itself has been a lot of fun, featuring a depressed Joker who lives in the suburbs, and a surprisingly sad backstory for Kiteman, in this issue in particular. We picked up The Forge and The Casting, two stand alone titles leading up to DC’s upcoming event Metal. I usually avoid crossover events in comics, they are almost always rambling, expensive, and unfulfilling in my experience. And in comics, when you have characters who can blow out the sun like a birthday candle, the reality-threatening super-event stories tend to escalate to a point where all stakes become meaningless. That said, there are always exceptions, and these two issues are really enjoyable so far. It’s all written by Scott Snyder and the eventual miniseries will reunite him with his Batman New 52 collaborator Greg Capullo. These two issues are illustrated by John Romita Jr, Jim Lee, and most importantly, Andy Kubert, my favorite Batman artist of the last twenty years. And it features Wonder Woman, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and a whole bunch of other DC characters, and is exactly the kind of old fashioned team up thing I’ve been wanting to read since the end of Dark Knight III. That said, the covers, font, design, and everything about it is super 90’s comics, down to foil covers, which is odd, as it’s a very silver-age kind of story.

Batman ’66 meets the Legion of Superheroes was excellent. That’s hard for me to say, because the Legion of Superheroes, is to me, the absolute worst property in comics. Some people love them, probably the same people who love Jimmy Buffet and capital punishment, but the point is, some people love garbage, and in America, you’re allowed to. That said, this issue is written and drawn by the Allred family, like Silver Surfer and BUG! Mike Allred could sell me almost any book, but a full issue of Adam West Batman drawn by him is a must have, and it’s also an incredible read.

20170722_183331I also bought the collection of Batman Incorporated, by Grant Morrison, Yannick Paquette, Cameron Stewart, and others. This title was the culmination of Grant’s Batman run which might be one of my favorite eras of the character ever. I hadn’t read Batman Inc. since I followed the single issues, and it was one of those rare books that is just as enjoyable to re-read as it was the first time.

It follows Batman traveling around the world and building a network of super detectives to battle a sinister global crime syndicate and fighting Nazi war criminals with Alzheimer’s, Gorillas in masks, and the immortal Lord Death Man. If you’ve never read it, I can’t suggest it enough, though you may want to start with Batman and Son. You won’t be lost if you start here, but I guarantee you’ll enjoy the whole run.



‘NamWolf #4 is out, see last week’s haul for more on that spoonful of batshit crazy goodness. B.P.R.D. returns with The Devil You Know by Mike Mignola and Scott Allie, with a Mignola cover featuring captain-caveman himself, Howards, the best human character in the book. This is the first issue of B.P.R.D. in over a year, and as one of my all time favorite books, I’m glad to see it back. And also pictured here is Action Comics vol. 1 by Grant Morrison and Rags Morales. following my rediscovery of Batman Inc. I decided to re-read Morrison’s golden-age inspired re-introduction of Superman for the New 52 relaunch. This is the super-socialist teenage power fantasy Superman of the original 1938 debut, and it’s an absolutely essential read wether or not you like Superman.


While out riding through the hill-country with the Widow Sunday one dreary rainy day last weekend, we came across an old used book store nestled across from a lakeside retreat. They were closed, so we broke in, and found a cache of old comics. Jackpot. The Widow selected the above Romance comics you can see with Mr. Jackson, who is also partial himself to the genre.


Andy while my dearly beloved was building her collection, I found some nice new additions for my own. The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #1 was forgettable, but free. The Marvel Comics official adaptation of The Dark Crystal #1, Uncanny X-Men #167 with the iconic Paul Smith cover, a late 90’s Uncanny X-Men issue with a faux Kirby cover,and Madman Comics #1 with a Frank Miller back-cover also rounded out the stash. Not to mention issues 5 and 6 of Darwyn Cooke’s the New Frontier, as well as The Justice League of America issues 200 and 218. This was a damn good haul and a nice late afternoon burglary with the Wife. Speaking of which, we’re about to go back to our reading before we watch the bats come out at dusk. So long, dear readers, until next time.

-Grim Doin’s


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