The Weekly Haul


Roll on thunder, Shine on lightnin’, it’s time for another Weekly Haul! Holy Crabtits its hot and muggy out! I live an a swamp, which is essentially a subtropical hellscape this time of year. Alligators are fanning themselves on shady porches and birds are bursting into flame mid-flight. Here in the rambling mansion my family and I call home, Mr. Kittycat Jackson is stretching out on the cool, kidney colored linoleum floor of our kitchen and I am taking intermittent naps in a guest-room bathtub filled with ice. My lovely wife, the Widow Sunday, is nice and cool at her job, in the frigid halls of the Mortitian’s school down the road. If you’re not melting right now, let’s dive in and see what’s in the stash this week, eh?

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GIANT – SIZE Weekly Haul #11


Good evening! The sun may be out where you are, but it’s a warm, rainy night here in the swamp. Outside in the distance, the bass-line ripple of thunder underscores the discordant, drunken beat of the rain and the high chorus of the cicadas, and here in the rambling Mansion my wife, my ancient monster-cat friend, and I call home, it is time for another Giant Sized edition of the Weekly Haul! We’ve been gone for almost a month, but the amount of comics we have accrued is downright irresponsible, so let’s dive right in and see what’s in the stash this week, shall we? Continue reading

The Weekly Haul


The sun has returned to the swamp, along with the the smothering humidity, and the ceaseless cicada song. It’s high time for another “Weekly” haul! As you can see from that three-fanged snarl, Mr. Jackson is already wasted, drunk on a fresh haul of comics as well as his own homemade white lightning. So before he transforms into his destructive Garglehinx form, let’s get this feature underway and see what’s in the stash this week, shall we?

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The Weekly Haul


It’s a bright and sunny day here in the swamp, the last day of February and somehow in the mid 50’s. I’m sitting in the sunroom of the old Swamp Mansion with the windows open as Mr. Kittycat Jackson curls up with all my new comics. I’ve been busy raiding tombs in South America for most of the last week, so the new cache of comics is a few weeks old, but let’s see what’s in the stash today, shall we? Continue reading

The Lost Weekly Haul of 9/17!


After missing a week or two of our weekly feature, I was combing through my desk drawers looking for any drafts I may have started during these past weeks digging for incan gold during the rainy season. I did not start any. But I did find this long abandoned draft for an edition this past September. You’re out of your God damned mind if you think I’m going to write copy for this now, while I have treasure to bury all day, but I suspect you come here mostly for pictures of the cat anyway.


-Grim Doin’s

GIANT-SIZED Weekly Haul #10

20180205_142554The swamp thaws! ¬†Alligators burst forth from the floating blocks of ice that imprisoned them in suspended animation, The tide of the Raccoon/ Bear war takes a turn in favor of the Raccoon kingdom, and here at The rambling old swamp mansion, we can once more traverse previously avalanche-blocked mountain passes to the news stand. It is time once more for the weekly haul! let’s see what’s in the stash this week, shall we? Continue reading