End of the Blog. This is my note.


Nah that’s not true. I’ve been busy. Have fun with this crazy shit, I’ll be back some time. Or maybe I am dead, who knows? Can you solve the case in time?


Upgrade Your Gray Matter. ‘Cause one day, it may matter.

Here’s a movie review as short and off the cuff as it is unsolicited, UPGRADE was rad as hell. Go see it in the theater, and in the likely event its already out by the time you try, buy or rent it when it’s on demand and give them your money then, because it’s ¬†great. And they should make more movies like it. Vote with your money, nerds. It’s not based on a book or a toy or a video game, it’s an original Sci-fi/ action/ body-horror/ revenge/ apocalypse movie that’s genuinely really funny. Its darker and smarter than the trailer. Evil robocop meets Buster Keaton , I endorse. Oh. And a God damned phenomenal score by Jed Palmer.

5/4 time

Music By John Carpenter, Directed by David Gordon Green, script by Green and Danny McBride. And Nick Castle is in the mask for the first time since 1978. I don’t care about slashers. But Halloween is a real movie.

GIANT – SIZE Weekly Haul #11


Good evening! The sun may be out where you are, but it’s a warm, rainy night here in the swamp. Outside in the distance, the bass-line ripple of thunder underscores the discordant, drunken beat of the rain and the high chorus of the cicadas, and here in the rambling Mansion my wife, my ancient monster-cat friend, and I call home, it is time for another Giant Sized edition of the Weekly Haul! We’ve been gone for almost a month, but the amount of comics we have accrued is downright irresponsible, so let’s dive right in and see what’s in the stash this week, shall we? Continue reading