The Weekly Haul

20180125_134324Welcome, dear readers, to another edition of the Weekly Haul! One more week has rolled by with the mountain pass road to the nearest news stand snowed in, preventing me from picking up any new comics. So I’ve gone back in the Swamp Mansion Archives for some unread treasures, and you bet your stupid bones I found some. Settle in you little monsters, grab some grog , pet your cats, and get ready for what’s in the stash today.

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The Weekly Haul

20180104_154717Greeting, you graceless, grass-fed goons, and welcome, to the first Weekly Haul of 2018! We’ve been gone for quite some time, working the graveyard shift for a ghoulish enterprise far away from The hot, muggy dank of our swamp home. But the contract is up, and I’ve returned to our weekly feature with a vengeance! As you can see, Mr. Kittycat Jackson is already weary of my wordy introductions, so let’s see what’s in the stash this week, shall we?

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Hogging the Covers: Holiday Edition


Batman+Adventures+Holiday+Special+No1+coverThat’s right, welcome back to an all new edition of Hogging the covers, Holiday Spectacular! ALL HAIL THE HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR! This week, you get FOUR Christmas covers, and two bonus Kirby images! First up is The Batman Adventures Holiday Special #1, Cover art by Bruce Timm. Loved this since I was a kid. It calls back heavily to the influence of Mike Mignola, who designed this iteration of Mr. Freeze, and the composition suggests a snowglobe, which in conjunction with the stylish black and white palette recalls the opening from Citizen Kane. But most importantly,  it’s cool and seasonal. Gotham City in the snow is pure magic.ww_christmasSensational Comics #38. I had never seen this before it was featured on some rock and roll wrapping paper I picked up last week, but I love it. Wonder Woman would fill in for Santa in a crisis.

 wwcavalcade5Comic Cavalcade Winter Issue #5. It is kind of weird how big Santa is compared to the rest of the Justice Society, and that they are gathered around him like children in a mall, but everyone seems to be having a good time.Batman-Santa-clausBatman #27 has long been one of my absolute  favorites. As a kid obsessed with Batman, this was all the excuse I needed to consider him an essential part of Christmas iconography. Step 2 was getting this ornament (pictured below) the year Batman Returns came out. Opposite is the splash page from this issue by, I believe, Jerry Robinson .


Finally  we have our bonus Holiday Kirby content! If you can find it in the dollar bins or DC Kirby collections, kick off your Yuletide reading with The Seal Men’s War on Santa Claus from The Sandman #7. (You can read the whole thing here)Interior_Sandman-and-Seal-Men-112316348_10208429913493201_777234851400841233_n And one of my all time favorite Jack Kirby drawings, this personal Hanukkah card from the Kirbys. I love that it celebrates one of Marvel’s few Jewish characters, Ben Grimm, reading from the Torah. I wonder if he ever got together with Moon Knight and Shadowcat for the Holidays. But I mostly love that Jack liked the characer enough to say “Nope. No family picture, this year they get a picture of the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Thing. ”

And that’s all for this special Holiday edition of Hogging the Covers. May your  Holiday be full of great art, and great reading. See you next year.



There is more coming soon. I swear. Weekly Hauls and Hogging the Covers’, maybe some surprise bullshit. Who knows. This blog still exists. We haven’t forgotten you. Until then, watch this classic Holiday ode to gross intolerance before The youtube legal team finds it.