Season’s beatings, you unwashed little creeps! Welcome back to the Giant-Sized Weekly Haul Holiday round up! Yep, it’s damn near February and we’re still calling it a Holiday edition! The sprawling swampland I call home is in deep freeze right now, as a roving band of militant penguin marauders have invaded the frozen waters while the alligators and snakes lie in seasonal cryo-stasis beneath the permafrost. Here in the mansion, 200 fireplaces aren’t enough to keep that damp cold out of my bones, The Widow Sunday won’t leave the hearth, and Mr. Jackson has built a nest for himself on his bed out of comics. So while he’s up, let’s see what’s in the stash this week, shall we? Continue reading


***Holy Holiday Shnikies, reader!  I started writing this particular episode of our feature  over a month ago! About halfway through Mr. Jackson’s drinking got out of hand and we ended up having to fight hobgoblins on the roof with a tire iron and an old skillet. So bear in mind the post-dating on the writing.

–Grim Doin’s48059734_344078739741650_7322593578079748096_nWelcome back motherfuckers! Six months! That’s how long it’s been since least we met for our Sinful little sewing circle. But here we are again, it’s just you and me now, sport. The snow is falling outside and Mr. Jackson and I are in the cluttered attic of our Mansion home digging for the outdoor Christmas lights. If you’ve ever seen the last shot of Citizen Kane, the attic is like that, but more cluttered. As you can see though, Mr. Jackson has been drinking (he’s a God damn wreck around the holidays, and the etymological source of the phrase “party animal”) and insisted on dragging up our recent comic purchases and doing this right now. It’s just as well, because I’ve fallen out of the habit, and what better motivation to resurrect the weekly haul than the drunken insistence of your sharp-clawed familiar? Let’s see what’s in the stash this week, shall we?

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Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving, all. Every Year my Poppop would put on March of the Wooden Soldiers (also released as Babes in Toyland) and we’d watch those Beast-Men invade toy land while it was defended by a monkey in an unlicensed Mickey Mouse costume and Laurel & Hardy. Now you can too.


Also Krull.

Eat everything before your cousins can. Happy Happy.