GIANT-SIZE Weekly Haul #3


Once again I’m two weeks behind. I am a busy, busy Ghoul, Children. On the other hand, there is a good haul this week. The cold wind is howling through the rafters, but here in Grim Manor, the fire place is going strong, and Mr. Jackson and I are warm and toasty around the brandy cask. So with no further ado, let’s see what’s in the stash this week…

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Tales from the Night Shift

There is a country called the night shift. It’s a world as fascinating as it is exhausting, and sometimes you have to keep it interesting. We got a new touch screen computer at the shop I work in, where customers can come in and look up any item for prices and information. My new favorite thing is to type nonsense into the search bar, as if it were an internet browser, and leave it for strangers to find.20161112_16045820161115_16414620161115_17174320161115_18064220161115_18085120161115_18091020161115_18095420161115_18102720161115_19354520161115_19362120161115_21161820161115_21170420161115_21184520161115_212409

It confuses the hell out of people.


The Weekly Haul of Two Worlds… II…


A cold dark November night, and once again, I’ve fallen way behind on the weekly Haul feature. You can see the impatience in Mr. Jackson’s face. What can I say, children? October is a busy month for me, and Halloween takes a lot of my time. I am miserable to see the tenth and greatest month pass, but November is a close second, and has it’s own chilly charms, for instance, it’s kicking off with a giant-sized weekly haul. So let’s dig inĀ and see what’s in the stash tonight…

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