The Weekly Haul


Good Evening dear fiends, I assure you this whole blog isn’t going to just be sentimental musings on comic books, but our co-contributer Max seems to have his mind on them in his spare time between movie making and the crushing weight of existence, and this is a weekly feature. So if you have any complaints, see the word press office for a full refund. Anywho, let’s look at the stash this week! Continue reading


The Devil and Casual Reading.

About a month ago, working behind the register of my store, I found myself in conversation with a local kid, I’m guessing, 13. Having been a fat middle school kid in a Spiderman shirt myself once, I sympathize with this fat middle school kid in a Captain America shirt. He comes in every day to buy snacks, and taking a cue from the comics I’m reading, ask me if I saw the trailer for the latest superhero movie. On this particular day, he asked me who my favorite Marvel character was. Before I could even think about it, he clarified “Mine’s Spiderman”. Explaining that Mr. Parker was simply the best that Marvel had to offer, he made certain to assert that “I think Spiderman is the strongest there is, too. Like, stronger than anyone. Except the Hulk. But Hulk’s his friend, anyway, you know?” Then remembering what the conversation was about, he asked me again who my favorite Marvel Comics superhero was. This is not a question I have been asked, I think, since I could drive a car, and to my surprise, it took me a few moments to think of an answer. The answer itself surprised me too. Continue reading

Thomas Lampion Comics

A very good friend of Grim’s and mine, Thomas Lampion, has been making these comics for a while now. Free, funny web comics.  I am being very sincere, but over using exclamation points, especially in promotion, feels insincere to me. Thomas has one of the most brilliant, original, and twisted imaginations I’ve known personally, and I’m proud to have copies of some of his un-produced southern gothic off-the-God damn-wall screenplays from back in college. Check out his work at the link below!



The Rational Fear of Moonlight

It’s Midnight on the Internet.

You just got off your late shift. You’re standing around the bus stop, peering through the dense fog for the telltale headlamps of your bus. You’re thinking you have time to read a little before bed. You’re thinking about how much you’ll get done on your day off tomorrow. You’re thinking you hope the prostitutes down the street will survive the night because what a horrifying gamble that must be, that the next stranger to pick them up will only degrade them, and not eat their skin off. You’re probably thinking about Galaga.

But I know what you’re not thinking about.

Werewolves.  Continue reading