Fire Fighters and Funky Soundtracks

The good folks at Reel Films NY just released their new short documentary Service Above Self, profiling the Plainfield, NJ Fire Department, and your’s truly edited it! They’re a pretty fantastic organization and Producers Kyle Rollins and Ashlee Espinal got to ride along with them for months gathering some pretty intense footage, and then had me cut it down to a nice bite sized video for all of you good people. So click the link! Watch the thing and hit like and subscribe! It will make me look good, and you’ll be entertained in the mean time!

Don’t play with matches, and enjoy.



Check out the video for Obsessor, the new single from New Jersey’s own Pharaoh, I made it myself!

These dudes handed me some performance footage and some shots of bugs and asked for a late 80’s/ early 90’s Thrashmetal/ Grindcore video,  in the vein of Pantera and Napalm Death. They started to explain the aesthetic to me when I said “Yeah yeah,  I got it, don’t worry.” I get to work on all kinds of crazy videos but it was pretty cool to fulfill a childhood dream of making this hyper-specific kind of music video.

so the more you click on it and like it, the better it makes me look!




I’ve been on WordPress for three years? Oof, and I wrote all five of those posts in such a short time. I hope when I get older I don’t sit around thinking about it, but I probably will. Thank you, both of you, who have read this thing over the years.


The Weekly Haul Dollar Bin Safari!


Greetings boo believers! Here in the swamp it is cold and wet, and the provisions in the basement are running low. I’m going to have to trudge out into the cold and face the hordes of penguin warriors again just to be gawked at as the lone swamp ghoul in the local supermarket. In spite of the dearth of groceries, we have a stockpile of dollar bin finds and small press sundries we’ve amassed over the last two months, welcome to the Weekly Haul Dollar Bin Safari! Let’s see what’s in the stash this week, shall we?

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Giant Sized Weekly Haul #13


Don’t move, readers! Mr. Jackson is giving you the Deep Neon Ulthar-Curse stare! If you try and back out of this article before the end, there is nothing in this world I could hope to do to stop him from deep-frying your souls and leaving your psyches strewn across the eons of night! So everyone stay calm, just do what he says, and let’s take a look at what’s in the stash this week, shall we? Continue reading

Giant Sized Weekly Haul : Trade Paperbacks!

Holy cow, dear readers! I have so much crap in my reading pile I needed to do an extra edition just on the Trades and collections I’ve accrued over the holiday season! Now I have a whole regular weekly haul to get to after this, not to mention helping out the Widow Sunday as she cleans out some old tombs at the mortuary school, so let’s get right to it with the library stash!

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