Show Reel 2018

Hire me.



Let The Lord Refuse Her.

It’s July 27th. That sweaty October Rust is starting to run already. If you haven’t seen Roger Corman’s Masterpiece, grab a cool drink and full screen this now. Watch the opening scene and tell me you’re not hooked. Have a wonderful Friday.


The Weekly Haul


Roll on thunder, Shine on lightnin’, it’s time for another Weekly Haul! Holy Crabtits its hot and muggy out! I live an a swamp, which is essentially a subtropical hellscape this time of year. Alligators are fanning themselves on shady porches and birds are bursting into flame mid-flight. Here in the rambling mansion my family and I call home, Mr. Kittycat Jackson is stretching out on the cool, kidney colored linoleum floor of our kitchen and I am taking intermittent naps in a guest-room bathtub filled with ice. My lovely wife, the Widow Sunday, is nice and cool at her job, in the frigid halls of the Mortitian’s school down the road. If you’re not melting right now, let’s dive in and see what’s in the stash this week, eh?

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