Welcome My Friend.



If I had time I’d write a real post, but today’s date happens to coincide with the name of planet Lv-426, from 1979’s Alien, and that’s good enough for a mention.

And also this:

Because in space, no one can hear you scream over John Denver.

Happy Lv-426. Goodnight everybody.


IT movie trailer

“Tell your friends I am the last of a dying race,’ It said, grinning its sunken grin as it staggered and lurched down the porch steps after her. ‘The only survivor of a dying planet. I have come to rob all the women…rape all the men…and learn to do the Peppermint Twist!”

IT is the Great American Novel, and there is absolutely no hyperbole there. For God’s sake, read it first. But this movie looks pretty God damned rad too.