If I had time I’d write a real post, but today’s date happens to coincide with the name of planet Lv-426, from 1979’s Alien, and that’s good enough for a mention.

And also this:

Because in space, no one can hear you scream over John Denver.

Happy Lv-426. Goodnight everybody.


GIANT-SIZED Weekly Haul #5

Mr. Jackson, Reenacting the Sistine Chapel ceiling by Michelangelo

Night falls on the swamp where we make our home, and it’s time again for another overdue Giant-Sized edition of the weekly haul. We’ve been gone for a little while as our travels have taken us far and wide through the night lands of this country, but we’ve returned with a sinful amount of comics, as you can see Mr. Jackson making a nest out of them in the photo below. So let’s see what’s in the stash this week, shall we?20170419_180542

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Happy Birthday to Us.

One Year ago today I gave in to a challenge from a friend and started this blog. My plan was to keep it up for a while to prove it could be done, and then quietly walk away, but then people started reading it, (I suspect they more like reading Grim’s weekly feature for the pictures of Mr. Jackson) and I started enjoying it. Since then this has become a great source of joy for me. Thank you all very much, may death come swiftly to your enemies.